Photo Series – Everything is Happening for a Reason

In our contemporary societies, we have significantly fewer opportunities to observe the natural environment. We become desensitized to the surprises that may be hidden in the urban landscape, which is perceived above all as a functional space. And yet, these surprises are there.

We assume we know everything about our daily environment because we are familiar with the elements that are part of it. But if we took a moment to carefully observe its components (shapes, colors, lights, lines…), we could distinguish their subtle changes. By learning to observe the details of our daily life, we can apprehend our reality differently.

In this sense, photography becomes the indispensable tool for capturing the present in constant evolution. Each image in this photo series reflects the moment in which everyday objects reinvent themselves to stand out from the ordinary and propose a new graphic syntax. Photography serves as a key to decode reality through playful observation.