Photo Series – The New World

I started my photo series “The New World” after the lockdown ended in France on May 11th. Taking up photography again in the street allowed me to get used to the outside world again, from which I had been cut off for two months.

While observing nature in the street, I had the feeling of seeing it in its pure state, so far removed from our preoccupations of the last few weeks. In the street and in the parks, the vegetation had continued to grow; in the stores and restaurants still closed, it had begun to fade. Nature seemed to me to be a metaphor for the situation we had just experienced during and after the lockdown.

For my photo series, I wanted to reveal the intimacy of this nature that accompanies us in our daily lives by portraying it from different angles. In order to reinvent the urban setting, I used monochrome infrared in digital, as well as medium format with a special film that reminds the color infrared effect.