Photo Series – Everything is Happening for a Reason

Our contemporary societies devote less and less time to the contemplation of our environment, but at the same time they give a very important place to the images we consume under different media. Learning to take the time to look at our daily environment, which we think we know because we are in total immersion, is like placing ourselves as the receiver of all these signs (shapes, colors, lights, lines…) that constitute our reality. In this sense, photography, as a means of capturing the moment, helps to restore the time-environment connection. “Everything is happening for a reason” follows this approach….

PHOTO SERIES – Beyond Illusions

  The beauty of the hanami lies in the equation of the inherent aesthetics of Japanese cherry trees and the different tones of the petals. This harmonious ensemble reaches its climax during the “full bloom”, which lasts a few days. Beyond Illusions explores the end of the hanami, the ephemeral nature of the event and the fragility of the petals once they have flown away. This end gives rise to a new scenery that removes all traces of the earth’s surface to create a unique cosmic environment.


Abysse is the French word for « deep sea ». Trough this photo series, I wanted to imagine what it would be like if our civilisation was covered by the sea. In our urban spaces, the car is an omnipresent element and a symbol of technology, something that will remain as a proof of our contemporary civilisation.