About Me

After a PhD in Comparative Literature, Isis Ascobereta began to explore her daily life through the language of images. She immediately became interested in how objects and natural elements can tell a visual story that goes beyond their original context. She favors unusual discoveries and tries to highlight how the environment can change, at a given moment, the immediate perception of objects. Through her photographic research, she aims to create a narrative capable of inventing an independent and coherent visual universe.

In 2022, she was a finalist in the “Open Call: Carte Blanche” competition, “Architecture and Landscape” category, organized by Lucie Foundation and she was awarded an Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards (IPA) competition, category “Fine Arts – Abstract”. In 2020 and 2017, she was a finalist in the Siena International Photo Award (SIPA), “Architecture and Urban Spaces” category. She has participated in the photographic exhibitions “Urban 2020”, presented by URBAN Photo Awards (2020) in Trieste, and “Documenting Spaces” (2019) at the Torre del Reloj Gallery in Mexico City.

Isis Ascobereta is of Mexican and Spanish origin. She lives and works in Paris.

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